Devices showing the Global Advocaten website
Devices showing the Global Advocaten website
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We gave them a cohesive visual concept, and a confident personality that speaks to their global network of lawyers.

Global Advocaten had a website that wasn’t doing the job it was supposed to do. The user journey was confusing and the whole thing lacked a sense of personality. They needed a concept that would make them stand out in their industry. Our job was to create a visual identity to match their global reach, and set them apart from their competitors.

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Device showing the Global Advocaten website

A dynamic and assured identity which speaks to a global audience. With a simple to navigate user experience.

Global Advocaten operate in over 27 countries around the globe. They wanted a visual way to represent their global reach. We picked a series of landmark images from the cities which they operate, and tied them all together with a vibrant image treatment and network line.

The result is a professional new identity and website that truly represents who they are as a business.. More than simply a network of law firms, Global Advocaten are now positioned as professional community of like minded professionals. A confident voice in a complex world.

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Device showing the Global Advocaten website

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