We make better websites.

Rouge is a UK based digital design agency. We create websites and brands for B2B. We’re part creative energy, part building the hard stuff – and part making sure it all works together. We are in the business of beautiful results.

our core services

Branding. From brand positioning to visual identity. And often as part of a major website project.

Websites. We are experts in designing and building enterprise-grade websites using the world’s most popular CMS WordPress.

Support & Hosting. Sensible monthly
support for the security, performance, and health of your website.

Design. Beyond the launch of your website. Designing marketing materials, presentations and campaigns.

Development. We can continually develop your website. Enhancing its performance. Extending its life.

Hi, performance


Every Rouge website has accessibility designed in. A key part of making better websites is ensuring they are accessible. In the words of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, “Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect [of the World Wide Web].”


We hold an ISO 27001 for information security to ensure that we fully protect your data, your project, and your website. This best-practice system provides our clients with peace of mind when it comes to the long-term health and security of their websites.


We hold an ISO9001 for quality assurance. This means we have a streamlined process and a team trained to delivering quality. The result is we ensure that you receive a consistent high-quality service; a website will does the job you need it to; on time and on budget.


A Rouge website is beautifully designed, includes clever functionality, works lightning fast and stays solidly secure. Rouge websites don’t fall over. We start every build with a focus on performance. We only ever build clean, fast code.


We are growing more conscious of the impact the websites we create have on the world. As a result we are developing new ways to reduce the energy a Rouge website uses. From clean energy hosting to reduced images and lighter web pages.


Rouge websites last longer. This is because we design and build with growth in mind, from the start. We work with most of our customers way beyond the initial launch – continually developing and evolving their website into a marketing platform.


We don’t make ordinary websites. We make websites that do stuff. Because we have our own development team in-house we are able to turn your website into a proper business tool. We join databases, implement CRM systems, combine APIs, visualise data, and so on.


Accuracy, truth, and honest are vital for good business relationships. Our team start every project with a thorough discovery process and you have a dedicated project manager through keeping it all up to date. It’s all part of making better websites - the Rouge Way.

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