Websites that do stuff. Websites that sell. At Rouge, we design and build to a higher quality than most. This results in a website that is a serious business asset – something way beyond static brochure-ware.

We use our skills and energy to create websites, brands and marketing materials that enhance B2B online selling power. What if your website worked like a 24/7 pre-sales team? What if your website answered your visitors’ questions, engaged them, nudged them gently but helplessly into your sales funnel?

Rouge websites meet the operational, performance, security, accessibility and scale required by enterprise level organisations. They are, simply, better.

We always start with your business objective. That is the great big something our designers, developers and project managers never forget. Your goals, our design and dev – it’s how we get the job done.

We deliver websites that exceed the high standards demanded by our customers - across strategy, compliance, security, performance and more.

We have channelled over 20 years of making better websites into a framework. It’s not a ‘how to’ guide or a sausage factory process. Every website we create goes through bespoke levels of planning, design, consultancy and customer care. The Rouge Way guides us, and our clients, towards success. It ensures we get it right. Every time.

We are continually evolving The Rouge Way – a framework that guides us, holds us to account, and ensures we always deliver what we say we will. The Rouge Way is the business of beautiful results. It is how we make better websites.

We’ve been developing and designing websites since 2003. Does that mean we have an ‘unfair’ advantage? Perhaps. Expectations have definitely changed. Technology definitely has. But our objectives are the same as they has always been: create brands and websites which bring beautiful results to the world of complex B2B.

Complex B2B is a phrase we coined to describe our perfect customer. We specialise in working with businesses that don’t always have a simple route to market. They require a deeper understanding of their business and the audience to get there. Designing pretty things alone isn’t going to be enough. Essentially, we are a big bunch of nerds that love getting stuck into understanding how your business works - way before we get creative with solutions.

Yeah, a Nurdle. A Nurdle is a meeting of nerds. A stand-up, if you like. We use Nurdles to shape your project from day one and across our whole team skillset. They are our concentrated packages of problem solving and nerdy creativity.

We spend most of our time making websites. Although, in creating you a website we are actually helping position your business with visuals and words. It’s a logical step from there to blend in brand identity, architecture, strategy and consultancy.

Lots of things. A stand-out difference is that Rouge is run like an enterprise, and far less like a traditional agency. We do this so we can match our clients’ needs. We have ISOs, HR systems, accountability charts, security walk-throughs and disaster recovery plans.

A good example of this in action is we are Windows based, just like our clients. Yep, creativity on a PC, who’d have thought it.

We run different at Rouge; with honest pricing, transparent quoting, and performance measurements throughout. Old-fashioned agencies are not always very cost effective. In our experience they often mask their own inefficiencies with large fees.

Stu and Andy have been making websites together since the dawn of the internet. Yep, the 90s. At the time, they both felt that their ‘new media’ methods were at odds with the old-school way of working. So, they teamed-up, bought a domain name, shook hands, and set sail to make a world full of better websites.

We wanted to make better websites. And we wanted to have fun doing it. As a designer and a developer (Stu & Andy) we realised we could solve problems quicker and be more creative by working together. The science was simple: get the right people together, in the same space, with the same ambition and results happen.

Today, we are a studio packed full of designers, developers, thinkers, planners, strategists and advisors. Many agencies outsource their website development to other teams, or worse, off-shore it. Think of all that time and energy wasted into getting another party involved. Not to mention the opportunity for error. That’s confusion you are paying for. Not at Rouge though. Everything we make is high on value for everyone.

Maybe, you? Our customers range from global tech companies, to public sector, not for profit, and everything in between. We don’t have a niche other than any complex B2B organisation that is looking to make an impact though a brilliant website.

Because we build high-quality, cost-effective websites we face competition from both sides. You could be comparing us to a giant global agency with multiple offices and hundreds of employees. Or we could be up against a small team of plucky start-ups masquerading as the real thing.

We believe we’ve found that perfect goldilocks space between them all. We are big enough to deliver the expertise, performance and security. We are small enough to be creative, make your website stand out and perform its part in linking you to your customers and users.

More of the same. We’ll go on making better websites and helping complex B2B organisations to flourish through their websites and branding.

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