Three booklets with Cripps branding applied.
Electricity pylons
Laptop showing homepage of Cripps website.

We gave Cripps a full-service approach to re-invigorate their brand and website to give them a new dynamic direction to encourage continued growth.

Cripps Leadership Advisors deliver executive search and leadership advice to dynamic CEOs and boardrooms worldwide. They came to us because of a confused perception of their offering and brand that did not reflect the spirit of the business.

Isometric layout angled left showing various slides of Cripps power point.
Two angled monitors showing Cripps landing page imagery.
Two people sitting in a meeting room around a table

We crafted a contemporary and impactful brand centred around igniting transformation and energy within Cripps's industry, empowering them to be the catalysts for change.

In addition to the brand, we developed a comprehensive set of materials, including office interiors, photography, PowerPoints and internal templates. Providing Cripps with the tools for success. As a key component of the brand launch, we designed a distinctive WordPress website to set them apart from competitors, to make a bold statement.

two booklets, with Cripps branding, one open, the other closed showing the front cover.
Angled mobile device showing Cripps imagery or people riding on a roller coaster.
vertical isometric mobile phones showing the Cripps brand guidelines.

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