A illustration of a hat.
A laptop on an angle, displaying the Norland homepage, with an illustration of a flower next to it.
Three phones, displaying Norland website.

We transformed Norland's website into a powerful marketing tool, allowing them to save on agency costs by easily creating and managing their content.

Tasked with designing an AA-accessible, mobile-responsive site within a specified budget and timeframe, our goal was to reflect Norland’s prestige and showcase the new brand. We provided a sophisticated CMS for marketing control, aiming to increase CTA conversions.

Addressing three distinct audiences—students, parents, and businesses—our foundation work involved creating user personas, a sitemap, and wireframing. This ensured effective communication with each audience and streamlined navigation. Norland’s rebranding inspired the addition of bespoke etching illustrations, enhancing the site’s visual appeal.

A notebook with the Norland logo
Isometric tablets showing various pages of Norland's website
Photograph of three Norland Students walking and smiling.

The website now caters to graduates seeking support and roles, offering tailored content and keeping them informed about Norland.

Collaborating with third-party providers like HubSpot, SendGrid, and AccessRDB, we seamlessly transitioned job search, mail integration, and application functionality from the old website to the new.


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