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We created a single global brand and a set of localised websites with a central codebase. From which the client could continue their growth.

Before we worked with Dye & Durham, they were an ambitious collection of visually separate legal software technology firms. At least, that is how it would have appeared to prospects and investors. Our challenge was to bring all these brands together under a refreshed masterbrand and to give Dye & Durham the website tools to re-launched as a genuine global law-tech software company.

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One unified global brand identity. With powerful marketing websites that enable local teams to manage the individuality of their audience and their conveyancing marketplace.

Conveyancing and property law is different around the world. Dye & Durham also own different technologies in different countries. We needed to develop a website system then enabled them to continue marketing successfully, within territories, post-acquisition. Meanwhile, these same sales tools need to work as they unify and improve their technology into a singular global SaaS system.We created them a set of websites and branding that could grow and develop as they do. This is a benefit of the Rouge Way. Our process means your website is designed to be able to grow and advance as you do. Our tech never stands still. Working with Rouge means your website codebase can still be with you even 10 years later.


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This felt like an impossible challenge. Yet, Rouge unified every element from the value proposition to global products and websites - all under one masterbrand. Making sense for customers and employees. The repeatable playbook makes future growth and acquisitions a much simplified process.”
Carole Ankers

Carole Ankers

Global Brand Manager, Dye & Durham

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