A laptop showing the EAA website
A device showing the EAA website
A phone showing the EAA website

We developed an intuitively navigable website, supported by a striking visual identity designed to optimise content for a global audience.

The Youth Empowerment System is a joint project between the Education Above All Foundation (EAA), and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

EAA had authored an extraordinary, information-heavy ‘Advocacy Toolkit’, initially in the form of a PDF. Its dual purposes were to:

1. Clearly inform the world’s youth of their basic human rights

2. Provide the means necessary to empower and mobilize young people to recognize, own, and stand up for their rights by developing effective advocacy programs and activations.

A phone showing the EAA website
A laptop showing the EAA website
EAA logo

A bold and powerful identity which clearly and simply delivers a deeply important body of information and toolkit to those who need it most.

Our task was to turn this treasure trove of information and tools within the PDF into a positive, clear and easily understood website.

We spent time researching and developing various compelling visual language directions with origins in the history of human rights, including colours derived from the oldest written texts that refer to people’s duties, rights and responsibilities.

We went on to wireframe and develop navigation and key pages of the site before applying the chosen visual language, and the Youth Empowerment System website was born.

The site was showcased at the United Nations summit in September 2023 and continues to be developed and added-to with the mission of putting the power to advocate for what’s right firmly in the hands of today’s youth.


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