UKAS Print branding example
UKAS website example

Our task was to showcase the UKAS brand through a comprehensive range of branding and marketing materials.

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is the sole national accreditation body for
the United Kingdom. UKAS is recognised by Government, to assess against nationally and internationally agreed standards, organisations that provide conformity assessment services such as certification, testing, inspection, calibration and verification.

UKAS crown shown against a gradient with circles showing how it is made.
Isometric layout of UKAS branding.
Picture of eye

The UKAS brand has developed into a precise and self-assured identity whilst remaining creative.

Throughout the branding and marketing materials we’ve helped craft, using our expertise and deep understanding of their business, to produce designs that maintain a uniform image across all platforms while striving to elevate the brand’s creative boundaries.

Rouge’s offering has covered a full service approach, covering everything from brand guidelines, annual reports, video and much more.

Tablet showing UKAS tablet with carousel extending to the left of the image.
UKAS mixed branding materials
Happy family with dog
One of the standout qualities of Rouge Media is their creativity. They are able to take the brief provided by UKAS and translate it into visually appealing and engaging content. This creativity not only enhances the final deliverables but also helps UKAS stand out in their marketing efforts.”
Rowan Cammarano Portrait Image

Rowan Cammarano

Head of Marketing, UKAS

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