Nominet Digital Youth Index

A Wordpress website and interactive data customisation tool. Making the national, annual benchmarking report for digital youth data, accessible to all

Digitial Youth Index homepage mocked up on mobile phone screen

A comprehensive data customisation panel allows visitors to personalise the data for their specific project needs and export it in multiple formats or save it for later via the membership area

Nominet needed our expertise to bring to life this important project with efficient user journeys, clear layouts and intelligent tools and smart features

The Digital Youth Index is a free-to-use national, annual benchmarking and barometer report identifying and monitoring the key drivers, issues and opportunities in young people’s relationship with digital technology across the UK.

Having already worked with Nominet on a couple of other websites, they asked us to help them bring their latest project to life. An annual report – packed full of insightful data – that currently only existed as 1s and 0s would now become a fully-fledged online interactive tool. Users would be able to visit the accompanying website to find out what the DYI was all about and then delve into the tool itself to use a variety of filters and demographic selectors to create, share and/or export data visualisations to support their projects. Be that government officials lobbying for change or charities looking to secure funding for their next community initiative.

What worked well here was the collaborative and agile approach we took to the project. Once the overall look-and-feel was locked in, we set about prototyping the tool itself, working with Nominet to tweak features as we went. All whilst other members of the Rouge team worked on the main website templates. Both teams worked seamlessly to arrive at a solution everyone was happy with, all in record time. The result is an AA-accessible website and visualisation tool that makes customising data a user-friendly and enjoyable experience.

With a bit of luck, we hope that this website will lead to lasting positive change for today’s youth. And tomorrow.

sketches of a data visualisation tool on a dark Print out of a website UI kit on a desk with keyboard

"The team did a brilliant job on this project, managing tight deadlines, moving goalposts (sorry!) and teething problems, with an efficient, solution-led approach. We’re delighted with the site and data visualisation tool and are in discussions about how we can continue to work together to further improve the functionality."

Samantha Sweetland

Samantha Sweetland
Head of Marketing & B2C