Electric vehicle driver focused website for InstaVolt, AutoExpress' 'best public charging network'.

Instavolt website displayed on mobile devices

The clean look reflects the environmental impact electric vehicles have on the environment

A clever WordPress website, connecting back-office ChargePoint data with a consumer facing map.

Rouge were there in InstaVolt’s infancy and created their first website which was aimed at Investors to help get things up and running. This got InstaVolt off the ground, and with the company’s rapid growth came the need for a more consumer orientated website to help InstaVolt compete against its more established competitors. Rouge were, of course, there to help with this next stage of the journey.

InstaVolt’s marketing material evolved to a cleaner look and feel and the new website had to reflect this. Also we wanted to speak to the electric vehicle (EV) owner and understand their reasons behind choosing to drive an EV – environmental consideration and adopting the latest technological advancement. The clean look reflects the environmental impact electric vehicles have on the environment, and the simple technology used (compared to fossil fuelled cars).

InstaVolt wanted their new site to ultimately support the growth of EV cars and drivers, and therefore it needed to educate and inform whilst at the same time promoting their rapid charge stations. Through exploration of the site map structure, and identification of key audience personas (Drivers and Partners/Land Owners), we created two focussed areas for the site to contain all the information that each user would require. Drivers are given all the information they need about charging their vehicle, from clear instructions how to operate the units to InstaVolts pledge to the environment and the technology behind their charging stations.

Partners and Land Owners are presented with reasons why hosting InstaVolts charging stations is beneficial to their business, along with case studies from other Partners and an FAQ’s section to cover off any questions they may have.

With their rapid expansion program and installation of nationwide charging stations, came the need to for a charging station finder. EV drivers have the ability to view all InstaVolt charging station in the UK, and zoom in to find their nearest charging station.

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"Our website from Rouge seriously enables us to promote electric vehicle use, demonstrate the rapid expansion of our network and provide EV drivers with an easy way to find charging stations. This website is vital to our growth as a business."

portrait shot of Adrian Keen - CEO of InstaVolt

Adrian Keen
Chief Executive Officer - Instavolt