A User Interface Design for a travel security app. Improving engagement with user testing.

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An active interface design that provides one-click access to key information and help - right when travellers need it most

We completely redesigned the UI for the Response24 travel security app, making it simpler to use and improving the user experience.

The Response24 app is the essential travel companion providing users with information and support needed to keep them safe while travelling, such as up to the minute alerts for the countries they are in, and SOS functionality – should they find themselves in a dangerous situation. It is an incredibly powerful app, but it suffered from poor UI making it confusing to use.

Rouge was called upon to create a fresh interface design. The two key aims were to improve the overall visual appearance and to help users quickly get to the information they require. We kicked this off with a thorough critique of the app, and it soon became clear that navigation and clarity of instructions were the biggest challenges.

To fix this, we first introduced a new navigation bar a the foot of the page. This gave instant access to key functions from anywhere in the app. We then added a horizontal scrolling navigation at the top. The enabled access to specific sections such as Trip Details, Country Profiles and the Travel Vault. UI and UX best practices were introduced throughout. This included clear buttons, next step prompts, loading animations, confirmation messages.

Testing was an integral part of this project. We tested several specific tasks with over 40 participants. The result included detailed metrics, video screen captures, hot spots, timeframes and journey analysis. With the results of this testing being fed back into the design process, we were able to create a User Interface design based on fact instead of assumption. The result is a clear, intuitive, simple and effective app design.

Sketches of app wireframes Screenshot of user testing results

"We came to Rouge with the brief of creating a complete redesign of our existing app, with a focus on improving not just the appearance but also the user experience. What they produced surpassed our expectations and we are delighted with the final designs. The working relationship was fantastic and the Rouge team were always receptive to our ideas. We look forward to working with them again in the future."

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Gareth Sefton
Head of Political Risk