Percentage of residents who haven’t used the internet

The Great
Digital Divide:

Mapping the UK’s Internet Non-users

We analysed internet usage data over the past 3 years to see how many people across the UK don’t use the internet. Take a look at the UK areas on the wrong side of the digital divide using our interactive map.


Internet non-users are defined as any adult (aged 16+) who has not used the internet in the last 3 months, or who has never used the internet at all.

The data used in this piece was released by the Office for National Statistics in May 2019. The years refer to Quarter 1 (January to March) of each year. This was the latest available data at the time of writing.

Our table shows the top 100 locations by highest percentage of internet non-users in 2019. Locations that had no data available for either 2017 or 2018 were excluded from the list.

Where the ONS data split locations into multiple areas, the data for a particular location was combined to produce an average overall result.
E.G. The data for North Nottinghamshire and South Nottinghamshire was combined to produce an average result for Nottinghamshire.