ESP Global Services

A hard-working, multi-lingual B2B Wordpress website. Making ESP look the part in their global IT landscape.

Mobile view of ESP website homepage

ESP was more than ready for its next evolution after five years of no website design updates.

We've completely revamped the brand, added some cool geo-IP functionality, and made a point of celebrating the great work they've done since.

ESP now have a website which represents who they are today, shows off their experience and scores a phenomenal 97/100 for site speed.

ESP Global Services offer 24/7 global IT support, tailored to the needs of their clients, from dedicated service desks located around the world. They’re giants in their field but the brand was no longer telling this story. The website had sat stationary for half a decade and it showed.

Rouge was tasked with designing and building a new website that increased awareness of their offering and experience, and celebrated the ethics of ESP in an effort to gain more business and attract new talent. This resulted in a fresh brand look-and-feel which has now been rolled out across the business.

Looking at the competition, we knew we didn’t want to fall into the cliché global and IT imagery trap. Think hands on keyboards with icons flying around, and digital globes with brightly coloured connecting lines. That was too generic and a branding dead-end for ESP. Instead, we used an abstract illustration style to convey the global offering which looked modern but understated. Instantly recognisable as ‘ESP’ without being too over the top.

One of the biggest wins to make was moving them from Drupal to WordPress. This instantly improved the CMS experience and importantly, the site speed. The stuff Google likes. It also gives ESP the ability to work with us in a more affordable agile fashion, to evolve the website as we go, instead of leaving it to go stale again. In addition to this, it meant we could easily add smart tech such as JobAdder integration for their careers section, geo-IP to control language switching and a helpful live search.

Clean design. Clever code. And a happy long-standing client. That’s what dreams are made of.

Close up off some design sketches for ESP website Close up of persona work for ESP website