Enabling Town Slough - Website & Branding

A resource website powered by WordPress and community spirit. Accessible and content manageable. A helping hand for those in need.

With the whole community in mind, we created a website that is accessible, easy to use, and (most importantly) useful.

Having impressed with our work on the Public Health Slough website, Slough Borough Council (SBC) approached us to work with them again on another website project. This time for Enabling Town Slough. A community-driven, co-produced mental health and well-being partnership, which holistically builds on people’s strengths and abilities through their engagement with community opportunities.

They didn’t have a current website. Or a logo for that matter. So SBC looked to us to guide the creative work in all areas. What they did have was a clear set of objectives; to create a website, accessible to all, to be an informative reference for mental health services in Slough. Inspiring members of the community to celebrate their strengths and abilities through engaging story-telling.

With a lot of their team never having worked on a website project before, we took the time to explain and guide them through the all-important foundation work of defining their key user personas, creating a logical sitemap and outlining a series of wireframes that met both their project and user objectives.

When it came to the creative concepts, it was imperative that we adhered to AA accessibility standards. Aside from this, we were truly working with a blank canvas. With such an in-depth understanding of their project (and already feeling like one of their team), we knew what needed to be said and who we were talking to. We came up with two strikingly different concepts to give them plenty of food for thought. In true co-production style, everyone and their dog was pulled in to cast their vote and we happily settled on a concept that was clean, calming and most importantly, community-focussed.


Sketches of the Enabling Town Slough logo The Enabling Town Slough website being presented at a conference

"From the start of the project and the very first meeting between us, and all the way through to completion, I found the team so accommodating, available and passionate. We have collectively put together an amazing website and resource, which has exceeded my expectations."

Geoff Dennis

Geoff Dennis
Head of Mental Health, Slough Borough Council