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Our clients love WordPress, and so do we. As a WordPress design and development agency, we eat, sleep and dream about WordPress - it is what produces beautiful and powerful websites for our clients, time after time.

range of websites on different digital devices surrounded by kitchen utensils
range of websites on different digital devices surrounded by kitchen utensils

Clients choose us because we are WordPress experts

We deliver top-drawer designs with powerful functionality, on a secure and optimised content management system for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

The power of WordPress comes from its simplicity for content editors, its flexibility for designers and its available toolkit for developers.

Agile development can be achieved with the use of thousands of reliable plugins or from bespoke development by Rouge’s in house WordPress development team. We can get your project moving quickly and efficiently.

What can Rouge and WordPress do for me?

It is a bold statement but we think that WordPress is nearly limitless. Once you combine the tens of thousands of trusted and well-supported plugins with our custom development experience, we can deliver some pretty powerful stuff. Here are just a few examples of some our recent projects:

  • Elearning platform for oncologists 
  • Ecommerce and payment systems for lawyers 
  • Marketing automation integration for land data specialists 
  • Multilingual functionality for public sector health teams 
  • Custom search for commercial property agents
  • Bespoke development. A gap analysis tool for sustainable procurement thought leaders 
  • We’ll stop there, but have a look through our portfolio for more examples 
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A WordPress designed website from Rouge provides a platform for progressive enhancement: Ongoing marketing need is turned into reality, with minimum fuss.

Is WordPress right for my project?

We could write a fair amount here. (if you are nerdy about WordPress, please do feel free to call in for a chat!) These are the benefits that our clients see as most important.

Ease of use

WordPress is famously easy to use, but we do not take this for granted. We take a content management brief at the beginning of the project to make sure we’ve covered all the important activities that you’ll need to do. We offer training and ongoing support for you and your team so that the website is working hard for you, and the WordPress admin area is never a thing to be feared.


When developed with coding best practices and industry-standard SEO plugins, WordPress is an SEO specialist’s first choice. Like a content manager, an SEO specialist can manage everything from within the CMS, without the ongoing need of a developer. Technical SEO and on-page SEO is considered for every project.


There are some that look down on WordPress from a security point of view but WordPress is the web’s most popular content management system. By simply having more websites in ‘harm’s way’,  makes it a target. If configured correctly and with the use of good plugins, WordPress security can be considered enterprise level

We build security best practice into every WordPress website and consult with you on how to do your part to keep the website safe. Technology does not stand still and hackers do not need to be asked twice, so we offer intrusion monitoring as part of our maintenance and support service


Accessibility has always been important in our opinion. Removing barriers for those with limited access has been a passion of ours since we worked on making the Royal College of Music’s website accessible over 20 years ago. It is now a legal requirement for all public sector websites to be accessible to the WCAG 2.1 AA standard. WordPress is accessible out of the box and this helps us design, develop and maintain websites for those that might otherwise have trouble engaging with digital content and tools.

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Why Rouge is the right WordPress Development Agency

Over time, Rouge has developed processes and systems that deliver, consistency and quality. 

We continuously develop and maintain a ‘seed-build’ which is an advanced WordPress install with all the core plugins and code, baked in. By not reinventing the wheel every time we build a site, we can focus on making your website the next best thing for you and us. 

We have a quality system – ISO9001 accreditation – which helps us to maintain consistently high quality in everything we do, whether that’s design, coding or customer service. Continuous improvement is in our DNA.

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Some further information about how we approach projects and other WordPress design and development related services we offer:

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