Laptop screen showing BOPA homepage. With circles surrounding it.

More than just a website. This is a business tool.

Through a meticulous user journey process, we crafted a site map and identified strategic CTAs, streamlining navigation for swift user access. To encourage memberships, we implemented a split navigation system. Prospective members see options highlighting BOPA’s benefits and how to join, while logged-in users access community and resource features.

Selected as the agency for BOPA’s website redesign, Rouge’s technical expertise addressed the project’s development needs. The collaborative relationship between BOPA and Rouge teams quickly formed, ensuring effective communication and successful cooperation.

Various pages of the BOPA website shown on isometric devices.
Mobile phone on a podium showing the subscription package for BOPA.
BOPA screen shown on tablet.

The BOPA website design centres around community, symbolised by clusters of dots in BOPA colors, featuring real members' faces.

Serving a global audience, it unites individuals with a shared objective: promoting excellence in cancer patient pharmaceutical care.

Built on WordPress using Rouge’s adaptable in-house framework, the site offers complete control over each element. It primarily functions as a platform for managing memberships and payments, along with serving as a hub for online courses.

Rouge were brilliant to work with. Knowledgeable, understood the project, and they worked together as a team, as well as with us. The website is fantastic and is everything we needed.”
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Netty Cracknell

Secretary and digital lead at BOPA

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