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A professional association website, promoting excellence in pharmaceutical cancer care.

More than just a website. This is a business tool - managing memberships and delivering online learning.

BOPA invited several web design agencies to pitch for the redesign of their website, and at the end of the process Rouge were selected as the agency of choice. It was clear from the offset that the website was to have more of a technical bias than being a design task, and we recognised this by providing BOPA with development and technical solutions to their challenges. The relationship between the BOPA and Rouge teams also quickly developed and it was clear that we’d work well together.

Above all, it was essential that its time-poor users found it a breeze to navigate, communicate through, interact with, and learn from.

BOPA saw a phenomenal 29% increase in membership applications with the launch of this website.

A thorough user journey process allowed us to create a site map and identify CTA’s that allowed users to get to where they need to go swiftly. In addition to this requirement, we also had to consider how to encourage more people to sign up and become members. To cater for both prospective members and signed up members we created a split navigation. Public users, those yet to sign up, are presented with menu options focussed on the benefits of being a BOPA member and how to become one, whereas logged in users are presented with access to the community and resource functionality available to those who have signed up or paid.

The design and styling of the site was focussed around the community aspect of BOPA, represented by clusters of dots in the BOPA colours, some featuring the faces of real members. The site brings together people from the UK and further afield with one common goal, to promote excellence in the pharmaceutical care of patients with cancer and this was a visually appealing way of representing this.

The site was built on WordPress using Rouge’s powerful and flexible in-house framework. This means that we had complete control over each element we had to build in to this site. The website has two main functions, handling memberships and associated payments, and being a hub for online courses.

We lent on existing and well established solutions to deal with registration, process payments, manage the online courses and for the forum area, using trusted plugins such as MemberPress, Stripe, iSpring and LearnDash. Each of these provided simple user friendly solutions for both administrators of the site and users.

Watch this space as phase two is right around the corner with lots of new features on the horizon.

the results
the results

These incredible figures are based on the amount of members BOPA had prior to launch, and the amount signed-up within two months following launch.


new members


increase in memberships

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"Rouge were brilliant to work with. Knowledgeable, understood the project, and they worked together as a team, as well as with us. The website is fantastic and is everything we needed."

Netty Cracknell
Secretary and digital lead at BOPA