Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Help In Promoting Your Brand!

There is an old story about the man who designed the perfect mousetrap, one that was humane, easy to use and where the mouse never had to be touched. It was from any standpoint, the best mousetrap ever invented.

The trouble was that no one knew it existed, and the inventor did not have a clue about marketing his splendid invention. Thus the mousetrap was never sold to anyone and the inventor missed out on making lots of money…

marketing is vital
The perfect mouse trap that no one knew about because of the lack of marketing


Why is this important to any business in the World?, simply because it shows just how important marketing is. Without some form of marketing, most businesses will simply fail as they have no way of reaching Mr (or Mrs) Customer…

What you need to do, is to get your product or services out there, all the time re-enforcing your brand identity.

As we all know though, marketing has changed dramatically over the past years, the traditional methods giving way to digital ones.

So, how do you market your business in 2018?

Marketing in 2018 – The 5 Top Marketing Tips

1) Using Videos

There is no doubt at all that Videos help bring in customers and help convert them. They help bring in customers in two ways, one they are often hosted on YouTube which Google likes and can bring in traffic of it’s own, and two, the very fact that you have a video on a page makes Google ‘like it’ that bit more and that can mean higher rankings and more Organic (free) traffic.

Besides those benefits, it has been proven that having a video on a page increases dwell time, return visitors, shares / links to the page and of can increase conversions by as much as 80%.

2) Improve User Interaction with a Chatbot

Despite having the ability to call you using the very same phone many people use to view your site, many people want to use a Chatbot instead to get the answers they need. These automated AI powered robots are getting more and more capable of interacting with your customers and as people ‘want the information / answer NOW’ they can often really make a difference to the way people perceive your brand.

3) Draw Users in With a Story

There is nothing like a story, a carefully written set of words that draws users in and just makes them want to read to the very end of an online post or page. For this reason we can see that all the bigger brands are becoming more and more clever when creating their posts and pages, whist the smaller brands also starting to get in on the act.

4) Using Social Advertising

There is no doubt that Organic search still brings in a lot of traffic (and sales), but it is no secret that Social Media’s reach is rising to the point of overtaking it.

This is the reason that Facebook make so much money, as businesses are busily creating really targeted campaigns, campaigns, that allow them to target a specific type of potential customer.

There is one fly in the ointment here though, in that the way they can target in this manner requires them to collect (and in a way sell) data on their users, and after the Cambridge Analytica ‘scandal’ there may come a time when they won’t be able to do what they do today.

The other issue is that it is getting more and more competitive, and just as we have seen in the past with Adwords, the costs are bound to rise over time.

This of course increases the importance of creating a great presence on the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc) in the first place, as if you get that right, the need to advertise (and paying those ever increasing costs) will diminish.

5) Add Credibility With User Generated Content

User generated content is something that is really good news, and for several reasons too.

First, what is it? Well it is pretty much self explanatory, it being content created on your site by your users. And there are two great reasons why it is so good to have.

The first is that it is liked by Google, it being seen as proof that people are using site. This is important as it is another ‘tick in the SEO box’ and could help the site to get better rankings.

The other important thing it does (this possibly being more vital than the last) is that it builds confidence in your brand. This effect is based on the concept of ‘peer to peer trust’, customers valuing the other customers opinions and reviews, often using them to decide whether to purchase a product or to reach out to the business concerned.


These five tips will undoubtedly help in increasing your businesses brand presence in the online world, which should then led on to increased sales and profits . At Rouge Media we have the ability  to create that perfect ‘business creating’ website and can also assist you in many of the marketing methods outlined above.

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