Searching for an Affordable Professional Web Design Company

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There is no doubt that just about any business needs a website today, whether they be a small manufacturer or a chip shop, people just expect there to be some form of online presence. For some businesses these sites just need to give basic information, such as opening times, address and menu for a chip shop, whilst in the case of a manufacturing company, much more is needed.

The good news is that there is no shortage of choice when looking for a web designer. There are literally dozens to choose from. However, that is also bad news as it makes choosing the right web development/web design agency that much harder.

The Attributes of a High Quality Website

Before you start to narrow down the list of agencies to speak to, you must first understand what to look for, as only then can you be sure to pick a firm that will be able to deliver just what you need, at a cost you can afford.

It is also important to note that some web design companies are only interested in larger projects, whilst others specialise in creating cheap websites. What you are looking for is an agency that covers the middle market pricing area, not too expensive, but more importantly not too cheap, because these businesses are highly unlikely to have access to the necessary tools and don’t have the training or experience needed.

What a Great Website MUST have or do:-

  • It must have a Great Visual Design.
    In other words, it has to ‘grab’ the attention of the viewer, imparting the brand message (you should always have an idea of what your brand stands for, even in the early days) and the message you want to put across.
  • It just has to be Responsive – Mobile Device Friendly
    Mobile devices such as phones and tablets now account for more than half of the traffic on the web, this making it VITAL that any website can be PROPERLY viewed on the smaller screens these devices have. I say properly as some sites or website themes are designed so that they just shrink to fit the screen, which makes looking at the text near impossible.
  • It must be FASTThis is also to do with the rise of the mobile device, as even with 4G, download speeds are never as high as those delivered by Broadband. And with people being naturally impatient, if a site is slow it will simply be ignored. Check out our recent blog on fast sites.
  • It has to be EASY to USE
    The one thing that most people have in common is they have too little time to do all that they have to do. This means that a site must be easy to use, and, to a degree it means things have to be done in a certain way. For instance, having the navigation on the right side of the screen may look to be a great innovative idea, but as people expect it to be at the top or on the left you are just asking to fail..
  • It has to be FRIENDLY to the Search Engines
    Everybody enjoys things that are useful and free and that (to a degree) is just the service that the Search Engines like Google (other Search Engines are available) provide. However, to benefit from this potential bonanza, your website has to be nice to the ‘spiders’ the search engines send and be sure to provide them with the ‘food’ they desire. There are basically two parts to this equation. The first being to make sure things are in the RIGHT place (i.e. where the spiders expect to find them), the second covering the issue of providing the RIGHT content (i.e. the words associated with your market place and what you want the site to be found for).
  • It must be Action / Marketing Orientated
    There is little point in having a website that cannot achieve the goals that you need it to meet. There are of course many reasons for having a website, and for some, like the chip shop, these are easy to obtain. For others, it is more complicated and here you have to make sure that the site has clear concise CALL TO ACTIONS embedded in the pages.

When It comes to Web Design What Does Affordable Actually Mean?

The definition for the word ‘affordable’ is ‘not expensive’ or ‘reasonably priced’, which, while being helpful, does not tell the whole story when it comes to a business deciding on how much to pay for a new web site.

Value for Money Web Design

There is not a business in the country that would not spend a £1,000 if it could be sure of getting £2,000 back, and as a well designed and properly marketed site could achieve just that. i.e. Increased Sales, the cost of the website has more to do with the money available. Thus the word ‘affordable’ refers more to the amount of money the business has available. It is on this basis you that you have to decide whether a web designer is affordable and here it has to be appreciated that only so much can be delivered for a set amount.

In reality, it is then not so much an affordable web designer that you are looking for, rather you are seeking a designer that offers good value for money, bearing in mind their level of experience and their ability to deliver a well designed and effective website, something that Rouge pride themselves on.

Now you Understand the Requirements

With the requirements made clear, it is time to look into the offerings and list of services of these affordable web design companies. Remember, you are looking for a qualified and competent team. Firms having these can go a long way in establishing world-class results and making sure that clients get just what they are looking for.

Some Services, Attributes and Values a committed and client-friendly company should demonstrate:-

  • WordPress Development / Custom coding
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly Website Design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation and Research)
  • Ability to Produce Sites for Any Niche
  • Social Media Integration and Online Marketing
  • Clear Project Management and Reporting

Web Design Portfolio

Once you have confirmed the agency you are adding to your shortlist offers all the necessary services, the next thing to check out is their web design portfolio. Be sure to take a good look at this. Do all the designs look the same, do they all look really good?

Be sure to visit the actual sites and ensure that they are indeed fully responsive, easy to use and very importantly, don’t break.

Once a web development company has passed all these tests they should be able to offer the service you need.

In detail these are:-

Seamless Integration

Integrating all of the important parts of a functional business is essential and a well-run website isn’t going to appear out of thin air.  This is why a qualified team will take the time and opportunity to understand how the website can be synced to maximise the client’s online presence.

Full seamless integration involves things like social media, blogs, newsletters, email marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation integration, but of course not all will be used in every case.

Niche-Specific Designs

Each niche is going to have its own requirements when it comes to a modern website. The right web design company takes it’s time to understand what works in the niche before coming up with a design. This includes looking into niche-based studies, competitors, products, and more to harness the beauty of that particular niche. Otherwise, the website may look great but isn’t going to generate enough traction in the market.

Research in this critical phase makes all the difference in the world as it helps establish a great website. To design something meaningful, it’s best to start with a sense of purpose and that includes well-intentioned research.

Beautiful, effective design

Want a truly unique and stunning design?

A competent web design company is not only going to provide budget-friendly services, but it’s also going to deliver top-drawer designs. This is one way of differentiating your business from the crowd and standing out for all the right reasons.

With a fully functional website, it becomes easier to empower the audience and provide them with something truly exceptional!

Superior Safety Standards

Yes, modern digital assets have security standards and it’s important to adhere to them. A qualified web design company is going to have these details in mind and will already have a built-in quality control process for all established security protocols. This can include coding standards, security certificates, and more.

The web design company will also have its specialists run intensive security tests throughout the process before approving the result. This is a great way to leverage the company’s skill set while ensuring the site is safe to use over the long-term.

Specialised Designing

By engaging with the best affordable web design company, the result is always going to be special, right down to the last detail. These will include the planning stage, initial designing and the final testing. Each stage be managed by a professional project manager who will ensure compliance with a comprehensive list of standards.

For clients hoping to optimise their website and build it for the future, this specialised approach can make a tremendous difference. It will have an impact like nothing else and that’s what makes it a valued addition to your enterprise.

While building a new asset, always go with specialised professionals with years of web design experience.


Wasting time during the planning or designing stage doesn’t bode well for clients. It’s important to have a set timeline in place while ensuring each step is managed with a high level of care. World-class web design companies take this part of the process seriously and will go the extra mile ensuring everything works out as desired.

This includes setting milestones and reaching them as promised.

Whether the process includes researching your desired niche or putting together the final touches on a well-run test, it’s best to go with those focused on timeliness.

Budget-Friendly Rates

Spending a lot of money on web designing is sometimes not an option and it’s best to go with those willing to offer competitive rates. This should include the entire package from the research to the final result. If not, it’s smart to look at other options and only go with those ready to put your needs ahead of their own.

With so many options on the market, the right one is going to have a beautiful blend of skill, quality, and affordability. If the goal is to push forward and put together a great website, it’s time to start with an elite service.

Great Customer Service

Just like any other service in the world of business, customer service standards remain the same. An affordable web design agency isn’t allowed to get away with shoddy, unprofessional behaviour when that’s not the standard set by modern commercial businesses. Clients deserve the best and it begins with the assistance of a customer-friendly setup.

The web design company should be ready to customise, listen, and appreciate what the client needs from day one. This is how superior results are put together!

Take the time to sit down with your chosen web design company, lay out a plan, and begin moving towards a comprehensive result. A professional team is going to take the time to learn about your needs before coming up with a viable design. This is a great launching pad towards building a world-class digital asset and ensuring it helps you soar to the next level. High-quality web designing can make all the difference over the long-term!

So if you are looking for an Affordable Web Design Company, one that will build a website that works, offers great project management and above all value for money, then contact Rouge Media, after all, we tick all the right boxes…

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