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Rouge is a specialist web development agency. We are a rather nerdy team of website developers, designers, project managers and digital strategists. We have been brought together by one common goal - to create websites that make a real difference.

Web development examples on mobile and desktop devices
Web development examples on mobile and desktop devices

Rouge Media: Specialist Web development Agency

We tackle a broad range of website development challenges. This could be a clever technical start-up, a not-for-profit organisation, a public sector health website, an educational establishment, or a going-places tech company. Anything really.

If we have a niche web development area it’s tackling the tricky, unusual or interesting project that your typical design agency would have to outsource or avoid. Not us.

By filing a room with like-minded developers and UX designers, we are able to craft websites that meet the specific needs of your specific visitors and to provide them with the optimum website experience.

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Website development is our core expertise. Seriously, creating perfect code is a true passion at Rouge.

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We’ve been doing this a long time (some of us since the invention of the internet itself). Over this time we have continually adjusted our website development process. 17 plus years is a lot of learning. So, we feel that we can confidently state; we offer a website development service like no-other:

  • icon ISO9001 Yep, this is a rare thing for an agency to have, but we but quality assurance high on our list.
  • icon Full Quality Assurance and Quality Control throughout We use our Project Hive for this. It's a series of online, secure, shared documents. Where we record and communicate throughout every website project.
  • icon You own dedicated Project Manager Guaranteeing success throughout the Rouge process.
  • icon Checklists, documentation, sign-offs, and milestones throughout We've borrowed this from the automotive industry. Your website is peer checked and reviewed at every stage.
  • icon A clever combination of Waterfall and Agile project management This ensures the job gets done on-time, budgets are controlled but leave room for opportunity and imagination
  • icon We build in measurable KPI’s from the start By front-loading every project with a Discovery Phase, we are able to ensure we meet and surpass your requirements for any website development project we deliver.
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And just one more thing…

Our development team are experts at integrating third-party services and database connectivity.

This means that your website becomes, what we call, ‘a website that does stuff’. It could be the cornerstone of your business data operations. It could be connected to your marketing CRM. It could be anything you need it to be.

One thing it won’t be is a static, two-a-penny template website. A website developed by Rouge is always something unusual, ambitious or useful.

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Our in-house web development skills

Within the development team at Rouge, we have the ability to do all of this fancypants stuff:

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