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Why we love WordPress website development

As a WordPress Development Agency, we specialise in fast build and custom WordPress and plugin development.

When a client comes to us needing a beautiful, responsive, easy to edit, content-manageable website, WordPress more often than not is our development tool of choice. We offer a variety of powerful, secure content management systems from simple HTML editors to bespoke enterprise-level content management platforms. WordPress occupies a surprisingly board middle ground. WordPress themselves tell us that their system runs more than 30% of the web and wordpress.org has more downloads than all the other open-source CMSs put together (some 68%). As it becomes more mature its reach extends and it’s now used regularly for developing complex portals and even web applications. We love that we can develop SEO ready, fast and mobile-friendly sites simply but that when we need to deliver larger eCommerce of translated website, this too is straightforward. A saving we can pass on to your customers!

For us, the power of WordPress comes from its simplicity for content editors, its flexibility for designers and its available toolkit for developers. We can deliver you a bespoke design on a secure, reliable foundation that we can build exciting functionality on top of, either with the use of the tens of thousands of available plug-ins or from bespoke development by Rouge’s in house WordPress web design and development team. This means that we can get your project moving quickly and efficiently – briefing, planning, designing, developing, testing, hosting and supporting your web project without fuss.

Our clients love the easy to use admin interface which means ongoing support costs are low and training sessions are often little more than a relaxed CMS walk-through.

Rouge is a creative web design and web development company we’ve built over 300 websites in the last 16 years. Have a look through some of our web design and web development work.

What can Rouge and WordPress can do for me?

It’s a bold statement but we think that WordPress is nearly limitless. Once you combine the tens of thousands of trusted and well-supported plugins with our custom development experience, we can deliver some pretty powerful stuff – stuff like:

Elearning platform for oncologists
Ecommerce and payment systems for lawyers
Marketing automation integration for land data specialists
IP recognition and localisation for HVAC vendors
Multilingual functionality for public sector health teams
Custom search for commercial property agents
Personalisation and custom reporting for international couriers
Three-way API integration for container rental agents
A gap analysis tool for sustainable procurement thought leaders
We’ll stop there, but the list goes on!

What are the main features and benefits of WordPress?

We could write a fair amount here. (if you’re nerdy about WordPress, please do feel free to call in for a chat!) These are the benefits that our clients see as most important.

Ease of use
WordPress is famously easy to use. We take a content management brief at the beginning of the project to make sure we’ve covered all the important activities that you’ll need to do. We offer training and ongoing support for you and your team so that the website is working hard for you and the CMS is never a thing to be feared.

When developed with coding best practices and industry-standard SEO plugins, WordPress is an SEO specialist’s first choice. Like a content manager, an SEO specialist can manage everything from within the CMS, without the ongoing need of a developer.

There are some that look down on WordPress from a security point of view but WordPress is the web’s most popular content management system. By simply having more websites in ‘harm’s way’, makes it a target. If configured correctly and with the use of good plugins, WordPress security can be considered enterprise level.

We build security best practice into every WordPress website and consult with you on how to do your part to keep the website safe. Technology doesn’t stand still and hackers don’t need to be asked twice, so we offer intrusion monitoring as part of our maintenance and support service.

How can we help?

Over time, Rouge has developed processes and systems that deliver, consistency and quality.

We continuously develop and maintain a ‘seed-build’ which is an advanced WordPress install with all the core plugins and code, baked in. By not reinventing the wheel every time we build a site, we can focus on making your website the next best thing for you and us.

We have a quality system – ISO9001 accreditation – which helps us to maintain consistently high quality in everything we do, whether that’s design, coding or customer service. Continuous improvement is in our DNA.

What can you challenge us with? 

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Why a WordPress website from Rouge?

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We do it fast.WordPress is a very easy to setup and mange content management system. This means that when a client comes to us with a crazy deadline, more often than not our approach is to look at WordPress as the starting point. Our record time for a full business site, from initial briefing to website launch, is just two weeks!

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We’ll make you a feature rich website.WordPress and its extended family of plug-ins and frameworks allow us to quickly and cost-effectively build websites that do things. Ecommerce, events, galleries, forums and much more. In fact, WordPress has over 41,000 plug-ins, free and ready to install at the click of a button.

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We look after you.The launch is just the beginning. Once the website has been created and delivered, we offer a training session with training notes and ongoing access to our design and web development team to support you in keeping your website fresh and relevant.

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You can spread the cost.Due to popular demand we have developed and launched a service that allows you to have a bespoke WordPress website designed, built, supported, and paid for in monthly instalments (with a small deposit). We’ll even give you a website refresh after two years if you continue your agreement with us for another two years! For more information about our subscription based, flexible payment services, please get in touch.

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  • Highly flexible and powerful
  • No licencing fees
  • SEO and Google friendly
  • Simple to setup
  • Easy to extend and customise
  • Inherently secure
  • User friendly for non-technical content managers
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Easy to upload integrate multimedia files
  • Easy integration with other services and technologies
  • Easy to host
  • Ecommerce
  • Multi-user capability
  • Regularly updated
  • Huge community of likeminded people
  • Consistent admin interface between sites – easy to learn
  • Countless online tutorials and forums
  • Social – Twitter and Facebook integration

WordPress sits at the smaller end of our set of professional content management services. It’s really very good for start-ups and entrepreneurs who want a low-cost, low risk site that looks a million dollars. WordPress is also the mainstay for smaller businesses that simply don’t need a technically sophisticated website or a web application. This is not to say that WordPress can’t be a sophisticated tool, it’s just super easy to setup and work with and great for smaller sites. This ease of use allows us to offer lower costs and faster timelines.

The web development team at Rouge look at each client, brief and business problem with fresh eyes. We use other tools and technologies to apply the most appropriate solution. We are also big fans of the award winning content management system, Drupal, which sits in the middle ground of our offering. Drupal is a content manage platform and starting point for more heavyweight websites and web applications. Like WordPress, Drupal is an open source (PHP based technology) and benefits from a huge community of contributors and contributed modules to extend its functionality. When it comes to database connectivity or big business integration, Drupal really makes things fly.

If your project is so specialised that an existing CMS (like WordPress or Drupal) can’t be made to work for your particular requirements, then we’ll custom code your website or application. This is where our developer’s juices really get flowing.

Whatever your need, we’ll always work with you to suggest the appropriate solution for your business both now and with the future in mind.

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