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Our approach to maintenance and support

Launching your new website is just the beginning of the journey. In most cases we will have designed and built your website around a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create and edit new products, news articles, downloads, spec sheets, view statistics and visitor journeys or anything else that lets you manage the website in a way that best serves your customers and prospects.

Our support is based around two simple principles:

Support you as a content manager & Support the website code and content

We understand that every website is different, as are the needs of the team that supports it. Our support agreements are therefore based around what your website needs to stay live and up to date. During the first month after a websites launch we establish what we think you will need and consult with you to create a bespoke Maintenance Agreement.

Our Maintenance Agreements are typically made up of the following elements:

Content Management Support Rouge will be available on the phone or by email to help with any CMS questions. This support will also help with any ‘mishaps’ that may have resulted from use of the CMS.

Security Updates If your website has been built using a content or ecommerce management system like WordPress it will need to have security updates applied to it when they become available. We will manage this process and ensure that website has the latest security patches applied.

Website Backups Rouge will backup and archive the website files and databases regularly. We will do this off the web server to ensure that in the event of a hosting disaster there is a recent backup to quickly restore.

Visual Review Rouge will visually check the website to make sure brand consistency is maintained. These checks could include: The use of images (type, size, quality etc), content and page layout, copy length and alignment or any other content that has an effect on the web design and presentation.

Functional Review Rouge will check the key functionality of the website. These checks could include: Broken links, ecommerce functionality, contact forms, search functionality or any other technical functions of the website. We will report any inconstancies and recommendation based on our findings.

Law, Best Practices and Recommendations From time to time Rouge are made aware of things that may affect website owners. These could be: Changes in the law, new browser releases, new technology, the depreciation of old technology or best practices. We will consult with you to ensure your website is legal and following best practices.

Analytics Rouge are qualified Google professionals. We can help look at your visitor statistics and help decipher the mountain of data that Google Analytics provides. We can help setup website goals, identify key performance indicators and provide the information you need to make the website an effective marketing tool.

Contact us at Rouge if you’d like us to take a look at your site for a one off review or an ongoing support and maintenance service.

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