Web Application Development (Web Apps)

At Rouge, our in-house team of experienced web developers produce web applications that have helped organisations deliver their products and services or streamline their organisations' processes, helping them save money and grow.

Composition of web applications on mobile screens
Composition of web applications on mobile screens

We create testing prototypes and powerful business web applications

When a client comes to us with problems to solve, it is not always a new logo or a new website that is needed. Often, we will build business-critical, web-facing applications, or we will stitch business systems together that drive efficiency and make business or non-profits more agile.

Web applications can be as simple as a bespoke hook-up to an external data source, like a content feed, or it can be a fully mobile Progressive Web App (PWA) that looks and behaves like a native mobile app.

Some of our recent examples include a public health portal that helps people find fitness classes and a progressive web app that allows project managers to communicate with clients more efficiently. We have produced a mobile app to match house buyers and sellers without the need for estate agents – happy days!

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Taming the complex and delivering powerful, fast and secure applications is the art behind proper web application development.

app design & build
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Our approach to web application design and development

Software and application development can be a complicated beast. Different technologies often need to be married together and work seamlessly across an increasing number of different devices. The interface must be slick and effortless for the user.

At Rouge, we have an Agile approach to delivering web apps. We do the heavy lifting from the start, helping define the requirements and build the specification. Through a series of Sprints, we will work closely with you to deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) that allows you, and potentially some of your target audience, to test the basic application or the business idea before engaging in full design and development phase.

Once launched, a progressive enhancement approach to development will not only keep the application well maintained but will also keep it relevant and aligned with the business requirements and objectives.

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    It is not all about Development

    We are often asked to get involved with the design of software interfaces and applications that have been built by other teams. Sometimes companies come to us after a re-brand or when their software needs to fit the latest devices, or when applications need a general refresh.

    Building robust and secure software is the domain of the developer, but good developers are not often great user interface designers. It is a left-brain, right-brain thing. Considering the user and streamlining their experience is nearly impossible to do while the developer is cutting code.

    A Rouge, we are user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) experts. We apply these skills every day we design and build websites, emailers, interactive sales presentations and of course, web applications. Our in-house team of digital designers and developers work seamlessly together to create interfaces that are easy, efficient, enjoyable, and successful to use.


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    Our other skills

    Some of our other web app related skills and services:

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