User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) Design

Rouge websites are always analysed and structured with the user at the forefront. They work because they are more than just good looking pixels on a screen. They give customers what they want and when they want it – without them having to think about it. Good user experience (UX) is a vital part of website success.

The user wins

We think about the UX of a website right from the start of the project. This is fundamental to the process of creating a website that actually does its job. We recognise the importance of this part of website design, and because of this, we focus significant UX efforts within our Discovery Phase. The culmination of this effort forms the foundation of the website – on which the design and UI elements are built.

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    For a website to work, we need to understand the core audience or personas. This helps us to identify their pain points, what they need from your website and how they are likely to interact with you.

  • icon User Journeys

    Understanding where a customer comes from, where they land on your site, and the journey they are likely to want to take through your website to their endpoint contributes to the overall experience.

  • icon Sitemap

    The sitemap determines where pages are placed within the structure of the website. A well thought out sitemap, where key pages are in logical places and easy to find with minimal effort, will do wonders for your customers’ experience.

  • icon Wireframes

    Before doing the lovely designy stuff, you need to look at the structure of the site to ensure all the right elements, call-to-actions and messages are in the right place to direct users to the right pages. It’s a blueprint of the site that the design is based on.

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UX is everything

User Experience (UX) is considered in everything that is designed (properly) and interacted with. It’s the overall experience of a person using a product, such as a website or an application. Especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use, and how easy it is to accomplish the desired task. If someone can get to where they want, or do what they need to, without thinking about it, then the User Experience succeeds. At Rouge, we put in time, effort, and knowledge into crafting user experiences that put a smile on the face of your website visitors. In other words, we think about not making them think.

A User Interface (UI) contributes to somebody’s User Experience and has a huge role to play in their satisfaction with a website or an app. It is ‘the space where interactions between humans and machines occur’. It is what people interact with; the layout, the buttons, the navigation, the colours, etc. It is what makes a website or web application easy, efficient, enjoyable, and successful to use.

"Our new website is a huge step forward for Prendo compared with our previous web presence. It’s modern, responsive and technically smart, which reflects our brand and our simulations, and Rouge did a great job of balancing our requests with an intuitive user experience that makes it easy for our customers to find out about our simulations, and the great experiences other customers have had with them."

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Alastair Giffin
Director at Prendo

"As PACK & SEND service centres pride themselves on their excellent customer service and great value; we were keen to find a web agency that lives these values too. Rouge hit the mark! They are professional, organised and masters at managing the complexities of building an excellent web presence."

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Graeme Rhodes
Head of Marketing at Pack & Send

"“We’ve had amazing feedback on the website from parents, who have been able to find information they want easily, leading to noticeably more calls and pupil sign-ups. We feel Rouge really understood our brief and delivered exactly what we needed. Thank you.”"

Sarah Holgate

Sarah Holgate
Director of Marketing and Admissions

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