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Smart organisations understand that getting their business up the search rankings can make a big difference to their bottom line. Maximise your search potential with a data-driven SEO strategy from Rouge.

Stylised, layered image of a laptop
Stylised, layered image of a laptop

SEO from Rouge: Quality content, technical excellence, and targeted promotion

Driving the right audience to your site and maximising the conversion opportunities through organic search takes an analytical approach. At Rouge, we first focus on understanding the right audience, what makes them click and then give them compelling reasons to convert.

The targets in SEO are continuously moving, whether that is the competition, the search engine algorithms, device technology and the customer need. So, it is no surprise that a successful organic search strategy has to be delivered by experienced and expert specialists.

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Some call SEO a black art, but actually it’s mostly science.

Start at the beginning

We start every SEO exercise with a research and planning phase. We need to understand your business goals, your audience, and your competition to uncover the best search opportunities. 

We will study your Analytics and Google Search Console data, and we will use other clever SEO tools to give us an accurate snapshot of the current search and user performance. 

Once we have a good understanding of what is going on, we will share the research data with you, and together we will develop an organic SEO strategy designed to attract and convert the right visitors.

Getting the SEO foundations right

Google’s job is to provide the best, most relevant search results for any given search, so It is no surprise that it favours websites that provide the best experiences for human visitors. As a rule, if it is good for the human, it is going to be good for the search engine.

Technical SEO

Websites that perform well in search engines are spiderable and accessible, they are fast and mobile-friendly, the code is well written, and the pages contain the specific tags and markup that Google wants to see. 

Our best-practice approach to web development leaves nothing to chance. Our robust quality assurance process – backed up by our ISO9001 accredited Quality Management system – means that we will make sure that your website is a technically solid foundation for the organic SEO campaign and any other web centred marketing activities.

As part of an ongoing partnership with you, we will regularly review site speed, dead links, on-page SEO best practice and keep the site SEO healthy and the search engines happy.

On-page SEO

During the research and planning phase, we will have gained a detailed understanding of the audience and their needs and expected goals. 

Each page of the website must have a clear purpose and a roll in the visitor’s journey. Focusing the design and the content on the visitor and their needs, by describing products and services and answering their questions, will naturally provide search engines with good SEO focused content.

Online promotion: Off-page SEO

Building authority and trust in your brand across the internet will make your business stand out amongst the competition, with the desired effect of driving your business up the search rankings. 

An off-page SEO strategy from Rouge will promote your brand online by reviewing external sources and channels, including social media, review sites, Google My Business, and industry-specific channels. 

Our SEO and user-focused content marketing experts will continually review and develop high-quality content inline with users needs and their end goals. This, in turn, loops back into creating the right conditions and signals for good organic search rankings. 

Gone are the days of the more inbound links, the better. Rouge will develop and manage a high value linking strategy to include only natural and relevant domains.

Analysis and progressive improvement

Nothing stands still with SEO. Trying to beat the search competition takes constant effort. We are experts in the latest technology and SEO best practice, and we stay that way by simply doing it every day!

A collaborative approach to SEO delivers the most effective outcome. Working with you, we will continuously review your plans, targets and search performance. You are the experts in your industry, products and services, and we understand how to develop strategies that deliver effective organic search results.

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