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A company's sales presentation is a key tool in winning new customers. Yet, too often it ends up being a dodgy PowerPoint created by a Sales Team themselves. As a result, it is overloaded with bullet points and spattered with clip-art. But, your company's sales presentation does not have to be like that...

sales presentation slides on tablets
sales presentation slides on tablets

We create powerful, engaging and effective sales presentations.

Imagine that your Sales teams, after working hard to get in front of a prospect, opens the meeting (after the formalities), with an utterly striking sales presentation.

It introduces your business, it aligns with their needs, it shows how they benefit from working with you. It is swift, accurate, and effective. And it does all of this with beautiful graphics, clever copywriting, and maybe a video, animation or product walk through. Well, that is what we do.

We have done this for big brand names, giant global corporations, start-up and SMEs. Scale is not the point – clever communication is.

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We will make sure that your next sales presentation does what it is meant to do - win your business more sales.

what we deliver

Not every sales presentation we create includes all of this. We prefer to scale the project to meet your needs. However, this is an overview of what we deliver.

  • icon Full sales presentations

    We can help you create a sales presentation from scratch. Let us start with the brief, and we will work on the best way to get your messages and benefits across to your prospects.

  • icon Improve your existing PPT presentation

    Sometimes your content is good, but the format and design are not. We are able to take your existing PowerPoint and turn it into a thing of beauty.

  • icon Navigation and interactivity

    It does not have to be linear. We can take the needs and methods of your sales team and, using our web design skills, create you an interactive presentation.

  • icon Animation and video

    This ensures the job gets done on-time, budgets are controlled but leave room for opportunity and imagination

  • icon Not just PowerPoint...

    PowerPoint is good, but it is not the only platform. Let us explore what works best for you.

  • icon Progressive web-app presentation

    With sales teams out on the road, and with important data needing regular updates a traditional PowerPoint is not the best tool in the shed. How about a database controlled desktop app?

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Imagine the difference an effective sales presentation would make to your business?

If you have one vitally important presentation to give, or your sales team need a reliable effective presentation tool, then Rouge can provide the solution. We can take your existing presentation and turn it into a thing of beauty. Or we can start from scratch and build you your next sales machine.

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Other design skills

We don't just make PowerPoint presentations. We do all of this good stuff too:

man on stage pointing at a screen with a presentation

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