Risk Management Policy


The purpose of this Risk Management Policy is to identify, assess, and manage risks associated with the activities of Rouge Media Limited.


This policy applies to all aspects of Rouge Media’s operations, including website design, development, and maintenance.

Risk Identification:

Risks will be identified through a systematic review of Rouge Media’s activities, including but not limited to, financial, operational, and strategic planning. The review will be conducted regularly and documented to ensure that all potential risks are identified.

Risk Assessment:

Risks will be assessed based on their potential impact on Rouge Media’s business objectives. Risks will be evaluated in terms of their likelihood of occurring, potential impact, and the availability of mitigation measures.

Risk Mitigation:

Risk mitigation measures will be implemented to reduce or eliminate identified risks. Mitigation measures may include, but are not limited to, implementing procedures, training employees, and obtaining insurance coverage.

Risk Monitoring and Review:

The effectiveness of risk mitigation measures will be monitored and reviewed regularly to ensure that they remain relevant and effective. Any changes to Rouge Media’s operations will be reviewed to determine if new risks have been introduced or if existing risks have changed.


The management of Rouge Media is responsible for implementing and maintaining this policy. All employees are responsible for adhering to this policy and reporting any potential risks to their supervisors.


Rouge Media is committed to managing risks associated with its operations to ensure the continued success of the business. This policy will be regularly reviewed and updated to reflect changes in Rouge Media’s operations and the business environment.