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App interface design. Pokemon crossed with virtual currency.

The Challenge

Zappabucks came to us with a design idea for a phone app that allows users to share, collect, trade and power-up tokens – in the form of ‘bucks’ on their smartphone. The bucks are effectively a cross between a virtual currency, advertising, vouchers and Pokemon cards.

This project was brought to Rouge as an idea, not as a working product. We were challenged to create a brand, a logo, an app interface design and a presentation tool to take the business idea on to the next stage – and gain funding.

Our Solution

We worked closely with the origination team and took a full creative brief. The natural place to start was with the branding, but we had to marry this with the app design – as in many ways this is the branding. So we took the unusual decision to develop the app interface and the logo at the same time. This took extra meetings with the client, and smaller steps at first, but the result speaks for itself.

The Result

At the end of the project we delivered a logo, a brand kit, a full app UI interface and a sales presentation. We effectively took a business idea, and brought it to life.

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