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A WordPress website to close the deal

The Challenge

Usurpo needed a simple marketing website for reasons of business due-diligence. As an international Search Consultancy, recruiting within the IT Security market, much of their business is accomplished direct – as consultants. Usurpo didn’t need a website to generate new business, they needed one to help close it.

Our Solution

Rouge designed and created a website that is light on content, but high on professionalism. The site stands as proof of what the company does, who the people are, and what fields of expertise they represent. The business had a simple identity before Rouge got involved (a logo and some colours), but alongside the website design we conjured up a new logo and full brand overhaul. Running this as part of the website design process is a very economical way for a small business to get big brand results and benefit from consistent branding (something even giant organisations struggle with).

The Result

We took the decision to build the site on the WordPress CMS, even though Usurpo had very little intention of making regular edits to the site themselves. The option is of course always there with WordPress, but in this case it was chosen more for its fast deployment and design flexibility. Usurpo have an ongoing support agreement with Rouge whereby any changes they need are dealt with by our development team – when required. It’s a way of keeping a site fresh and up-to-date without having to do it yourself!


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