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Full UI refresh of laboratory sample management software.

App in use on screen

The Mosaic software interface features a fresh and modern overhaul, enhancing the experience for existing users and becoming a key benefit for new clients.

Titian’s Mosaic software is a streamline sample management workflow application, that is right at home in modern cutting edge laboratory environments, however it’s look and feel didn’t reflect this and customers were keen to see the application updated. Titian needed a digital agency to update the visual styling to present a more modern impression and an interface that was simple and easy to use.

icons sketches

Font used for project lab sample management software screenshot mosaic icons and text

To get a true understanding of how Titian’s customers used their Mosaic application, Rouge were given an in depth tour of the software.

Understanding the typical user and their environment were important factors when considering elements like the colour scheme used. For example it is common for laboratory assistants to use uncalibrated monitors with a low resolution, and therefore important to consider this when choosing subtle shades of grey.

Working with the predetermined layout of the software, Rouge presented Titian with three concepts for consideration, moving forward with a fresh and light option that uses a light teal for highlight and accent elements.

Along with the restyling of the software, Rouge produced a new icon pack of over 180 icons. Simplicity and clarity were important as the icons had to work at a small size and be easily transferable for light and dark backgrounds.

the results
the results

The result is a timeless but modern looking piece of software interface that has helped improve the experience of existing users and become a key selling point for new clients.


We spent time with Titian using the application to understand how it was used


Titians customers were involved in later concept stages to get real user feedback


The design process was carefully planned in stages ensuring a controlled workflow