Titian Mosaic - App UI

Full UI refresh of laboratory sample management software.

Screen with Mosaic screenshot and laboratory pipette

Customers were keen to see a more modern impression and an interface that was clear and simple to use

The Mosaic software interface features a fresh and modern overhaul, enhancing the experience for existing users and becoming a key benefit for new clients.

Titian’s Mosaic software is a streamline sample management workflow application, that is right at home in modern cutting edge laboratory environments, however it’s user interface (UI) didn’t reflect this and customers were keen to see a more modern impression with an interface that was clear and easy to use.

To get a true understanding of how Titian’s customers used their Mosaic application, Rouge were given an in depth tour of the software at the Titian offices. Understanding the typical users their environment, hardware and how they use the program is key when considering the UI of the application.

Working with the predetermined layout of the Mosaic app, Rouge presented Titian with three concepts, moving forward with a fresh and light option that uses teal for highlight and accent elements. Along with the restyling of the software, Rouge produced a new icon pack of over 180 icons. Simplicity and clarity were important as the icons had to work at a small size and be easily transferable for light and dark backgrounds. The font was changed from Verdana to Noto, chosen for its legibility on screen and with its matching x-height it meant it was easy to swap out without changing the existing layout.

The result was a fresh and modern interface that users now find easy to use, with a contemporary colour scheme, more legible typography and clear iconography.

Icon sketches User interface concepts