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A subversive, but clever ad campaign

The Challenge

Reach an audience of data centre engineers with an ad campaign that will make them sit up and take notice of a clever solution to monitoring the safety of their server room environments.

The climate box is a neat bundle of ingenious sensors and monitors, installed in server rooms (or any other climate sensitive environment), that enables remote 24/7 monitoring of movement, moisture, gasses, heat, power surges. In fact you can monitor almost anything you like.

Our Solution

Advertising is about grabbing the attention of a passer-by and leaving them with a memorable thought that encourages them to buy your product or service. Not an easy task when the world is full of visual noise. At Rouge we achieve this mission by thinking sideways. We get inside the mind of the target audience, work out what makes them tick and then create a campaign that makes them think.

The Result

The result is a campaign of adverts that were run in magazines read by the target audience. The design was created to be clear, memorable and rebellious. With just a hint of a smile in the mind, that leaves the audience thinking about the security of their server environment.

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