What we did:

Summer’s work and testimonials speak for themselves but what she needed was a modern and versatile brand to sell her services to a wider audience. She was keen to have a brand that was appropriate for her field but could also visually separate her from some of the more well-known make-up brands. She essentially needed her own identity.

Hinting at the core ‘tools’ of her trade – eyeshadow, foundation and face powder – we used a smudge style outline to house the edgy cracked sans-serif font for her brand name, summerolivia.x. We then created an optional lock-up of this logo to include her tag line. The gradient colour palette then gave the logo its depth, reflecting the range of shades in her eye make-up palette.

Once the logo was finalised, we then worked to expand this into a brand which we applied to a variety of print pieces; a flyer, business and appointment cards, a hand-held mirror, a price list and a pop-up banner. Summer now had a contemporary brand which she was proud to present at her first prom night marketing event, and moving forward in her new venture.

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