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“The final animation that Rouge created is engaging, informative, and with the supporting material, clearly illustrates the benefits of AIMSight. It has been really well received by our clients and team.”

Caroline Curley Industrial Global Marketing Manager

SGS Caroline Curley Industrial Global Marketing Manager

What we did:

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Together with AIMSight, they developed and deployed the first sensor-based solution for monitoring critical defects on structures, based on Non-Destructive Testing standards.

In order to tell people about this new solution, SGS challenged Rouge to create an inventive and engaging explainer animation. The key objectives of this video were to sell the benefits of the AIMSight product and clearly show how the device works without the need for too much text; it essentially needed to be self-explanatory. We also needed to ensure we worked to the supplied SGS brand and video guidelines.

In addition to the video animation, SGS also asked us to create a supporting infographic which would contain graphics from the video, to be shared via social media.

In response to their brief, we first created a storyboard so the client could have a general overview of the proposed video content. Through the storyboard, we detailed the general script and showed them a few designed slides, so they could understand the concept and review it in turn.

Once SGS were happy with the overall concept, we created the complete storyboard for sign-off and animated the final three-minute video. Following a brief amends phase, we created the supporting infographic, as well as a series of marketing materials including some case studies documents


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