Internal SharePoint portal for SGS acquisition communication… with Bootstrap integration!

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Bootstrap Integration
  • Animation storyboarding
  • Icon development
  • Responsive
  • Template creation

““Considering the restraints of SharePoint, Rouge did a fantastic job of creating a means of communicating our acquisitions internally, in a form that looks more like a website than a SharePoint page. Our team love the pages, and they are proving very useful for communicating the benefits of our acquisitions.””

Caroline Curley Industrial Global Marketing Manager

Caroline Curley - SGS Industrial Global Marketing Manager

What we did

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. In an effort to strengthen their global expertise further SGS have an aggressive acquisition plan and purchase other companies that will help them achieve this, however it is not always clear to the current groups within the company what the advantage of the latest acquisitions may be.

Rouge were invited to pitch for the design and build of an internal communication platform in Sharepoint, through which existing group members could learn about the latest acquisition, and the benefits to the business could be clearly demonstrated.

More than 200,000 organizations have SharePoint for intranets, team sites and content management. However, despite maintaining a huge segment of the content and collaboration market, SharePoint’s complex and inflexible design tools often lead to the content being poorly displayed. This detracts from the content’s value and ability to communicate effectively across today’s range of devices.

SGS didn’t want their content to suffer from this. Rouge were tasked with creating template pages, that looked and acted more like a standalone website, and a key part of this was the integration of the Bootstrap responsive framework. By incorporating this, we have been able to allow users to continue to use the standard SharePoint editor and WebParts. Any new list created on a page will automatically pick up the styling which ensured more consistency in branding across the site.

The design had to flexible enough to be used as a template so that any future purchases could be quickly and easily added to the acquisition area with the SGS internal Sharepoint portal. Each acquisition page is neatly laid out giving employees a clear overview of the newly acquired company. It features an introduction piece, an informative animation video (storyboarded by Rouge), webinar links and key points about the new company. In addition, each page also features a table indicating the industry the company are in and how they could help bolster certain SGS services. SGS wanted this table to be graphical and so Rouge were asked to produce 12 icons to indicate the services and industries that SGS, and their newly acquired companies, are involved in.


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