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Perfect branding to match perfect teeth

The Challenge

Same Day Teeth is a premium dental service. Amazingly you can now choose to have you teeth looking like a celebrity’s in just a day. Dentistry has come a long way in the last 10 years and Same Day Teeth is the pinnacle of a new blend of medical expertise and visual artistry. We all feel better with a smile on our face, and this new procedure can deliver exactly that – albeit being rather expensive.

Our Solution

We have quite a bit of experience of designing for luxury brands (Tiffany, Porsche, McLaren, Dunhill – ahem, let me pick those names up I just dropped there), and creating new brands for this area is a bit of a speciality. So, we popped on our Prada Thinking Hats and set about designing and sketching.

The Result

The result is a strong identifiable logo, that can quite happily sit alongside the world’s other luxury brands. A logo that feels as if it has years of heritage behind it, while equally it radiates the feeling of a high-tech medical service. A tricky balance, but something we’ve ensured by extending the brand into graphics, advertising and campaign material.

University of Westminster

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