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The Juiciest of websites

The Challenge

Sales Juice was born from the spare rib of another of our clients, Recruitment Juice. Using the same clever online training platform, but with new content, the aim was to take the success of this game changing approach to recruitment training and deliver it the wider world of general sales.

It’s difficult to launch a new business. And a website is an essential tool to its success. The challenge for us was to design a build a website, within a short timeframe and with the smallest of budgets.

Our Solution

We are lucky to have been creating business websites for many years. So we called on our hard earned experience and presented the client with a step-by-step process to getting a site designed and live with minimal of fuss, and a seriously short budget.

With the plan in hand we leapt to our trusty friend WordPress. Using a ready-made framework, from our tech vaults, we designed and built the speediest and juiciest of websites in a matter of weeks.

The Result

The result is an on-budget, on-time website that enabled the business owners to start trading and to start growing. It all went from an idea and a possibility to a real business – with a bit of Rouge design and web coding.


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