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Increasing the value of a business with branding

The Challenge

Quercus is a corporate finance practice. They are made up of a highly experienced team that have worked together for over 20 years, but needed an umbrella brand to operate under. Rouge’s challenge was to create a brand, a website and a visual representation for the business. It needed a fine balance of feeling heavy with traditional business acumen, while maintaining a personal approach by offering direct access to the Quercus partners.

Our Solution

At the very beginning we sat down with the Quercus team, and ran a mini-workshop to write a full project brief. This included exploring names for the business and developing a positioning statement for launch. By approaching the project this way we ensured we had a full understanding of the business landscape before we started creating any designs.

The result is a logo and website that reflects the depth and strength of the individual partners and their combined expertise. We built the website in WordPress. This allowed for a very rapid build and for easy content updating. Alongside the responsive website, we also developed a custom slice of code to display and manage the 100+ case studies – cleverly filterable by type and sector. Rouge continues to work with Quercus, providing email marketing support and ongoing website development.


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