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As part of the larger website project, we analysed Provek’s logo and how it worked on screen use. It quickly became evident that not only did the logo not work well on digital material it also looked dated, and when used on a flashy new site it would look particularly out of place. Provek agreed, and we were therefore asked to look at updating their logo.

The update was to be an evolution rather than a revolution. They already had a colour palette recognised by customers so this was important to retain, along with the tick device that replaced the ‘v’. This device was a very positive element of their logo, relates to the nature of their business and has great connotations, but the sharpness of it appeared unfriendly. Along with this, the letterforms of the logo were uncomfortable and confused with a mix of upper and lowercase letters, odd spacing and flat colours.

The logo needed reinvigorating with more vivid colours, more comfortable use of letter forms and spacing, and ultimately feel at home on the new website.

We began with a critique of the current logo, identifying the specific points that were unsuccessful and needed resolving. Sketching tick forms, exploring base fonts and seeing how they would work together came next. The letterforms and tick needed to echo each other in softness and weight to feel comfortable.

A successful font was identified, and with some editing to incorporate rounder edges and an angled crossbar in the ‘e’, it was given some individuality. The tick still replaced the ‘v’ within the name but was given a softer shape to achieve a more approachable feel. Initial logos were created in their purest black and white form to ensure the elements we working together well as a whole, then we investigated the colours. We retained the blue and magenta colours of the old brand, but increased the vibrancy and saturation to give them more impact. The old logo appeared flat and we felt there was an opportunity to give the tick an interesting form with the addition of a gradient in the ‘fold’ of the letter.

We presented the chosen concept with a couple of other options to the client, and the feedback was unanimous. The end logo was chosen with no changes and the client was very happy. The result is a modern vibrant logo that appears much more approachable to customers and has impact. It works well on screen, and even the smaller accompanying strapline of ‘enabling change’ is legible in use on digital material. The tick device works well as part of the name and even on its own as a splash-screen for a mobile app.

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