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‘Bygge meg en nettside’

The Challenge

In case you were wondering that title says ‘build me a website’, in Norwegian. To be honest, with a client like Prestige Network, we could have chosen any of over 200 different languages! Prestige is not an ordinary translation company. They can get you an expert in one language to translate into any other language anywhere in the UK, tomorrow. Our job was to create a logo and a website that lived up to this impressive service.

Our Solution

The branding part was easy. Prestige had an existing logo, it just needed a professional spring-clean and re-presentation into a grown-up brand. We sharpened the logo marque and made it more recognisable. We developed a unique set of brand colours. And we pulled it all together on the fully search engine optimised website. The site features a powerful content management system, cleverly designed to grow to fit new markets and opportunities as they arrive.

The Result

Our real trick was to develop a user friendly tool for the home page that put Prestige’s unique selling point up-front and centre. The first thing a user sees is a tool that enables them to pick any pair of languages and any UK location. After a couple of clicks it delivers a form to Prestige, who then call back and fulfil the need. It takes a traditionally difficult to organise service and makes it happen in a snap. Vienkāršs (that’s ‘simple’ in Latvian).

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