No more ‘death by Powerpoint’
New Wordpress website for pioneering management simulation firm, Prendo

  • WordPress
  • Responsive website
  • Logo / branding / guidelines
  • UI/UX
  • Clever functionality
  • Bootstrap framework
  • Bespoke coding
  • Language option
  • Photographic retouching

“Our new website is a huge step forward for Prendo compared with our previous web presence. It’s modern, responsive and technically smart, which reflects our brand and our simulations, and Rouge did a great job of balancing our requests with an intuitive user experience that makes it easy for our customers to find out about our simulations, and the great experiences other customers have had with them”

Alastair Giffin Director at Prendo

Alastair Giffin Prendo Director

What we did:

Prendo have been building pioneering simulations since 1998 and they are considered the leader in the field having worked with some of the worlds leading business thinkers and academics. Their software is cutting edge, effective, efficient and innovative, however their web presence didn’t reflect this. Recognising that they needed a site that sold these aspects of their simulations, Prendo approached Rouge to help.

We initially helped to give Prendo a more modern and approachable identity through a light update to the logo. The chosen logo was clean and clear, and right for a modern company in the digital age. On the website design, we retained the bright green that Prendo was known for, and combined this with a dark theme using charcoal grey’s which creating a very striking design. The main header imagery used showed real customers using the simulation sessions, which helped to illustrate the focus and enjoyment that users experienced. These images were given a greyscale treatment to keep the colour scheme of the site simple.

The client had very clear views on how they wanted the site to be structured and operate, and it was our job to take their input and turn them into fantastic designs that gave the user a positive experience. The ultimate goal was to help

the customer find out all about Prendo’s simulations, identifying a simulation that suited their need, read case studies of previous clients who have used those simulations, and get in touch to find out more. This was achieved through clever linking of the simulations, the topics that each simulation covers, and the client stories, through the WordPress content management system.

The development challenges for us were mostly around the variable amounts of content within the popup ‘modal’ windows. Using the Bootstrap responsive framework allowed us to get to the point quickly where we had modals working across variable platforms but we had to ‘break’ the system and create a custom code base to allow the client to have variable amounts of content over a number of rows and columns, all working across platforms. Quite a challenge!

Future developments to the website will include a French language version of the content, an area for high value gated content that clients can register to access and an area for support information and workshop materials for current clients.

Working with Prendo, we will be reviewing visitor sources and user behaviour from analytics data to help us further tune user journeys and conversion rates.

30 clients

6 simulations

15 topics

...tied together with a lot of clever relationship functionality

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