A new user-friendly website for a user-friendly shipping company.

Pack & Send WordPress website design

The beating heart of the website is the 'Get A Quote' form, hand coded and optimised for conversion, and the focus of continual improvement.

A mobile optimised, fast loading and accessible website that will be the foundation of all ongoing online and offline marketing activities.

Pack & Send invited web design agencies to redesign and redevelop their website. After presenting proposed improvements to the UX, resulting in easier user journeys along with some exciting mobile-first creative web designs, Rouge was selected.

The brief was to update the website to be visually in-line with the Australian ‘parent’ site. At the same time, the UK site required a thorough content audit to ensure users could easily navigate to the right place with minimal effort. Navigation to some pages was tricky as links were hidden within blocks of content, so a thorough review of the sitemap and introduction of a more intuitive navigation was needed.

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Our design concepts were influenced by the Australian Pack & Send site but not directly replicate the Australian design. The final site design took influence from the parent site, with its own look and feel, aimed at the UK customers and franchisees.

It was paramount that getting a quote was simple. Users are presented with a ‘quick start’ quote function on key pages which feeds into the main quote functionality. We streamlined the process using a step-by-step approach, breaking down the form into smaller incremental sections. At each step of the process, the user can track their progress through the web form.

The quote form has been rebuilt for the new website and captures hidden information that tracks users’ session information, such as referral page URLs and Google Adwords campaign tracking keys (useful information to ensure that advertising is targeted). Another benefit of rebuilding the quote form is being able to automate how form fields are populated. If PACK & SEND open a new Service Centre, that new location is automatically added to the drop-down of stores on the quote form. This field is automatically populated with the ‘most recently visitor Service Centre page’ cookie.

Custom export functionality was created to allow the website administrators to export all of the user data with a simple click of a button. The export data has been formatted to plug straight into PACK & SEND’s current CRM.

With SEO and Google Adwords being the main marketing channels for Pack and Send, minimising any drop in rankings while launching the new website was paramount. Being SEO experts, Rouge designed and developed a mobile optimised, fast loading and accessible website that is the foundation of all ongoing online and offline marketing activities.


"As PACK & SEND service centres pride themselves on their excellent customer service and great value; we were keen to find a web agency that lives these values too. Rouge hit the mark! They are professional, organised and masters at managing the complexities of building an excellent web presence."

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Graeme Rhodes
Head of Marketing at Pack & Send