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A music festival website

The Challenge

Newbury Spring Festival is a world-class music festival in Newbury with up to 50 events in 20 venues annually. It’s where international symphony orchestras, ensembles and soloists rub shoulders with jazz legends and world music artists.

Our Solution

We have been working with the Newbury Spring Festival since 2003, and the current website is our third incarnation. Alongside social media (Facebook, Twitter and Flickr), the job of the website is to be the central marketing hub for the Festival by providing information and tools to prospective visitors, sponsors, musicians and performers. Throughout the year the job of the website changes; selling tickets, sharing the line-up, attracting sponsors, reviewing the previous festival, etc. The solution is a flexible bespoke website design and build from Rouge. Backed up with ongoing content management and search engine optimisation support, all year round.

Our Solution

Rouge continues to support the bespoke website and online marketing tool. It allows visitors to book tickets, view a diary of events, explore biographies, news, photography, audio and video. Seating plans, maps, contact information and a ‘who’s who’ make the site a complete resource for the festival each year.

We have been working with Newbury Spring Festival for the last 10+ years as one of our chosen local charities.


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