Meta Trak

A brand new Wordpress website with an interactive Solution Finder and Dealer Finder for the industry-leading vehicle tracking experts, Meta Trak.

Users of the Solution Finder are asked a series of simple questions about their requirements to land at a recommended product, and a list of local dealers.
Getting clients to their solution, quicker.

We faced the challenge of promoting the very best vehicle tracking tech without ever showing what it looked like.

Meta Trak came to us with a website that they gingerly put in front of potential customers, knowing deep down that it no longer represented who they were. And certainly didn’t reflect the cutting-edge research and development that goes into making their world-leading vehicle tracking solutions. The content needed a complete refresh, and they were in desperate need of a more uniform brand look-and-feel, to instil confidence in their clients from the very first click.

The discovery and design phases gave us the opportunity to work closely together on a series of luxurious design concepts. Specifically, celebrating the tech without showing it, using a concept design for the fictional packaging. With that licked, we worked with Meta Trak to refine the user journeys. Out of which was born the idea of a Solution Finder; a series of simple questions to funnel a user to a specific product with the ability to progress further to locating a dealer near them. Something that would not only get users to the product they needed, quickly, but also saving the sales team a tonne of work.

One content and development phase later, we had a website ready for UAT. We continued to work with Meta Trak during this phase to refine the design here and there before landing at a website everyone was proud to put their name on.