A new Rouge website for Reading based Auto ID experts

  • Responsive website
  • WordPress
  • UI/UX
  • Translation
  • Database linking
  • HTML5 animation
  • Logo refininement
  • Business cards
  • Event material


“MDC are passionate about Auto ID, and in an industry that is generally perceived to be a bit ‘samey’ as far as websites go, they wanted to be different.”

What we did:

Having settled with a landing page for a number of years that didn’t sell or present the business properly, MDC approached Rouge to create a new no-fuss website that portrayed a punchy message, featured clever copywriting and took the technical level to an interesting and useful read.

MDC are passionate about Auto ID, and in an industry that is generally perceived to be a bit ‘samey’ as far as websites go, they wanted to be different. Whilst wanting to appear young and fun, they still needed customers to be reassured that they truly are the experts in the industry and that they take their client requirements seriously. Passionate and geeky, but not ‘show-off-ish’.

The barcode motif, although an obvious starting point, became the basis for the websites graphical look, but not in the regular black and white form. It was important that colour became a dominant part of the design to help differentiate themselves from the competition and reinforce the desire to appear young and fun. The barcode lines became a feature used throughout the site, appeared tinted within coloured blocks, and appearing at the top and bottom of imagery.

On top of the WordPress content management system we built a bespoke stock list system that pulls current stock into the website from the MDC internal database via an automated, scheduled import. Users can then search the list by product name or product number and make enquiries about individual products.

Using our long established Flash skills (RIP Flash!) we created an HTML5 product lifecycle animation to clearly demonstrate the how MDC look after their customers long term, from the initial set up of the Auto ID system to recycling old hardware, by putting them on a path of ‘perpetual improvement and increased efficiency’.

Future website improvements will include translated content for the European market and a new interactive product configurator tool to make product selection as frictionless as possible.

In addition to the website, we also created a range of stationary and materials for events including water bottles, note pad and redesigned business cards.

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