A global training academy website for British supercar company McLaren

  • Bespoke application development
  • Learning Management system (LMS)
  • Drupal CMS
  • Mobile responsive
  • Muti-language
  • Exam modules
  • Event booking
  • Bespoke reporting

“Wonderful! Our bespoke LMS from Rouge has made a massive difference to our ability to deliver sales training in the classroom, remotely and in the showroom.”

Paul Andrews Training Manager, McLaren Automotive Ltd

Paul Andrews McLaren training

What we did:

How do you keep a global supercar sales team up to speed?

McLaren global sales staff are often working in dealerships that sell other marques. Staying up to speed on the technical details of all the cars and brands, in a dealership selling cars from marques like Aston Martin, Lamborghini and McLaren, is a challenge.

Most people that are interested in buying supercars are already superfans, knowing many of the cars’s technical details before walking into the dealership. Other buyers are often collectors and don’t care if the brakes are ceramic, or the doors are dihedral or wardrobe; they want one either way!

Having detailed technical information is critical in the sales process, but how do you keep the sales team up to speed when they’re all over the world and English isn’t always their first language?

A bespoke, multilanguage learning management system from Rouge

Rouge delivered a bespoke learning management system (LMS) on top of a Drupal platform. Using Drupal allowed us to build on a secure and robust foundation that had many of the key features already in place. Keeping the bespoke elements to a minimum made the development fast and the portal easy to maintain.

The sales team use iPads in the showroom for fast access to information and the classroom during training for exams. The site had to be optimised for mobile use – fast and responsive for smaller screens.

A personalised dashboard keeps the sales team informed about which events are coming up, which exams they need to take next and the latest car release information modules posted by the training team.

A bespoke reporting system was developed to provide regional sales managers exams scores and training progress on an individual and region basis. Salespeople are a competitive breed, and league tables soon emerged!

Uploading and managing information Is straightforward for the McLaren training team. Drupal is logical and user-friendly, and a bespoke Service Level Agreement provides responsive support and maintenance for the codebase.

A powerful training system, supporting an informed global Sales team

Sales training is now be delivered in the classroom, remotely and in the showroom, resulting in a better informed and more clued-up global sales team.

So, when you’re buying your next McLaren, challenge the salesperson to a tech-off and see what they know!

A new academy portal

from Rouge has streamlined the way the McLaren training managers deliver sales training, leading to a more informed and competitive sales team!

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