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A website to challenge the chemical giants

The Challenge

We love a fight against the establishment, and the challenge set to us by Leverton was exactly that. The chemical industry is dominated by just a few multi-billion global goliaths. Yet, in the red corner comes the challenger, from Basingstoke! Where the competitors deal in bulk and fixed ideas, Leverton create accuracy and bespoke solutions. Where the competitors operate as faceless corporates, Leverton are flexible, creative and people focused. The challenge for Rouge was to create a brand, a logo and website that enabled Leverton to fight these chemical behemoths face-to-face.

Our Solution

Leverton is an old business, with a fine heritage of creating Lithium compound chemicals. And this is exactly what they looked like – a small, good, UK based business. Yet under the energy and enthusiasm of new ownership they were aiming much higher and they needed a brand to take them there. Working closely with the management team Rouge helped name, and re-brand the business (it was Leverton Clarke). We created a completely new logo (inspired by the periodic table) and we applied this to a very modern responsive website.

The Result

The site is built on the Drupal 7 CMS and features an ecommerce style product book. It enables Users to search for specific Lithium compounds, then to download all of the technical specification and safety information. This isn’t the sort of product that suits normal ecommerce, so ordering is then handled by telephone and email; by real people – which opens the door to the personalised Leverton bespoke service. The site is fully responsive and looks just as good on a smartphone as it does on a desktop.


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