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Zesty branding with a sprinkle of clever thinking

The Challenge

Step one: visit a conference room, in a fancy hotel in Reading. Step three: persuade Lemongrass that we were the right agency. Step two: create a visual look for the brand and build a website that would enable the business to flourish. Step three: offer support and ongoing marketing services whenever Lemongrass need it.

Our Solution

Lemongrass came to us with a logo, an old website, and an opportunity to grow as a business. After winning the pitch, the first we did was sit down with Lemongrass (back in the same fancy hotel) and learn about their business – from the inside out. One of our strengths is in asking the right questions of a business – to get to the core reason it exists. We then turn this back into a brand message targeted at the audience and resolving their needs.

The result was an evolved logo, a punch of visual zest into the Lemongrass brand, a new graphical look and feel with a clear set description of the benefits of working with Lemongrass. This was all laid out on a flexible, expandable, commercially focused, content manageable website.


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