Evolving a brand and creating a new WordPress website, for the leaders of land and property data.

Landmark website on tablet

The full Landmark Information Group rebrand proved a success and has helped position Landmark as the future-facing organisation they are.

Our job was to represent the Landmark Group with a full suite of logos, marketing graphics, a website, and a brand positioning video.

Recognising that their previous logo did not portray the organisation as a future-facing technology company, Landmark employed Rouge to evolve the logo and brand to represent their modern approach to land and property data. An initial analysis of their current logo identified some key areas that needed looking at to meet this aim. The colours used lacked the refinement of a company with their expertise and history, the typeface was to looking dated, and the tick icon was not an ‘ownable’ mark, with many other companies known for their tick.

An initial design was presented to Landmark, at which point a curveball was thrown in. It was questioned whether the tick was actually required moving forward, as it was felt that Landmark wasn’t actually known by the tick, and as mentioned earlier, so many other companies ‘own’ the tick.

These elements were broken down and explored separately to see how the brand could be updated with a new tick, font and a slight shift in the colour palette. Landmark was known by their Green and Orange colouring and this remained part of their branding, with an adjustment to a more vibrant orange and richer green. Base typefaces and treatments were explored to find a word-mark that represented Landmarks direction, and a tick that reinforced the confidence and security given by their products and data.

For the next phase, we looked to their parent company for inspiration. Landmark are owned by DMGi (Daily Mail Group information). and we proposed that taking influence from their logo had advantages. This would help tie the two companies together reinforcing their association, it uses a clean and modern typographical treatment which sent a clear message, it worked well on print and web, and using three dots allows us to bring the Landmark colours into the logo.

landmark logo design with handwritten comments Landmark brand architecture on a pin board landmark information group signage in office