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A corporate website and brand positioning

The Challenge

Landmark is a conglomeration of businesses that has grown and developed through acquisition and product development. The common thread between them all is land data. The appointment of a new CEO gave the opportunity to bring this all together with one voice, one mission and one collective aim.

We had been working with Landmark on a number of its product areas, and were challenged with the task of creating a flagship website that stands as centralised home for this large corporate brand. Rouge was asked to help position the company, bring the independent products and brands together, and to give Landmark a visual appearance, within a new corporate website.

Our Solution

Working with the Landmark development and marketing team we decided upon Drupal as the CMS platform for this website. This then set a precedent for the business, and we are now in the process of rolling out all of Landmark’s product sites on the same Drupal 7 platform and on AWS hosting. This decision enabled Rouge and the Landmark marketing team to create dynamic websites with active content and full marketing analysis and tracking. It also enabled the internal development team to support the back-end and product side of each of these websites – independently from the marketing. Ensuring stability, security and scope for significant growth.

The Result

The website represents a complicated set of businesses – under one umbrella brand. By creating an interactive search tool on the site we were able to bring these businesses in from the cold. Transforming it form a business that talks about what it does, into a business that gives its customers what they need. It’s not quite an ecommerce website, but it uses the same principles to deliver solutions to customers.

This is a website that never stands still. Rouge is retained by Landmark as digital marketing and development experts. We work regularly on campaigns, marketing, advertising, websites and user interface design for their products.


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