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An interactive sales presentation and fresh user interface design

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An interactive, animated sales presentation, including mini-video interviews with the team.

We have been helping this games distribution company win big, long-term contracts, with clever coordinated design across their sales materials.

Koch is a leading computer games distributor with great names on their client list, impressive credentials and have distributed some of the best games out there. They are a creative company, but their existing sale presentations did not reflect this. Ahead of a pitch to distribute one of the most anticipated computer games of recent times, Koch Media came to Rouge for a PowerPoint template that was unlike any others and ensured they stood out from the competition. Alongside this, we redeveloped the entire User Interface design of their business management software – the KM-Hub.

PowerPoint presentations have a reputation for being sleep-inducing, but that should not be the case, especially when you are dealing with computer games. Koch wanted something engaging, and that is what we gave them. We took the existing presentation, and re-worked the story to engage the audience. The presentation showed how they could successfully manage the distribution of this new game by introducing Koch, statistics and case studies,  and how Koch saw the future of games distribution.

We delved into the world of computer games (we may have played a few, for research purposes obviously) looking at the graphical interfaces and especially that of the upcoming game for which they were pitching. The presentation was intended for use beyond the pitch, so it could not be too led by the UI and graphics of this game, but it certainly steered the look and feel of the presentation template. We created a hand-made edgy ‘glitchy’ look for the presentation with animated text and imagery. A charcoal grey and vivid cyan colour scheme made for a striking looking presentation, with important information kept clean and legible on white pages.

sales presentation designs with a pen computer game boxes

"We had an impressive number of positive comments regarding the professionalism of the presentation that Rouge created for us. They delivered a powerful sales tool that gets results."

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Paul O'Sullivan
Corporate Development Manager at Koch Media